Security Policy

A quick overview of how we manage security. is an independent platform helping to connect displaced individuals with potential hosts, housing and resources to help them through this crisis.

Displaced Individuals

For displaced individuals, we provide some detailed safety notes to help them verify potential hosts, including some red flags for potential traffickers, emergency numbers to call, and more. These notes are shown on every listing card and are visible whenever a displaced individual contacts a host. Displaced individuals must perform their own research and ensure their own safety.

Displaced individuals are not asked to provide any personally identifying information to us, they do however need an account and verified Identity to access contact information on listings. Displaced individual identity verification data is stored by stripe and is governed by their privacy policy.

We additionally have a reporting system where hosts are removed for posting suspicious or inappropriate listings once they are reported, and are working with local aid organizations to implement other safety measures.


For hosts, we encourage taking steps to verify the legitimacy of displaced individuals. Among other things, hosts should try to do a video call with the potential displaced individual to discuss their situation and may want to ask them to describe their location to verify their identity. Hosts can ask displaced individuals how they are planning to meet up, depending on the regulations of the country. Hosts should ensure that this response is consistent with government policies. Hosts should also ensure that the person they talk with on the phone is the same one they meet with in person. It is the responsibility of hosts to verify the legitimacy of displaced individuals.


We provide some recommendations above to help displaced individuals and hosts verify each other. We and our partners do not take responsibility for interactions between hosts and displaced individuals who use our platform. Hosts and displaced individuals are responsible for their own safety.


By using TakeShelter, you agree to this security policy. We aim to collect as little user information as possible. You can contact us for inquiries at:

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy