Privacy Policy

TakeShelter does not engage in paid advertising, share user data with third parties or sell user data.

TakeShelter values the privacy of our users and is committed to protecting their personal data. This privacy policy outlines the manner in which we receive and process user data.


Hosts who register with the platform are required to provide their email address and information related to their listings, including titles, descriptions, contact information, and other relevant fields. This information is used solely for the purpose of displaying listings to displaced individuals and facilitating communication between hosts and displaced individuals. However, listing details will be made available to displaced individuals whose search criteria match a host's listing.

Displaced Individuals

Displaced individuals must register and verify their identity to access contact information for listings. They are also required to provide information related to their desired location and search criteria, which is used to display relevant listings. Aggregated data about the searches, where matches are found, and how many listings have been created are used to help prevent suspicious activity.

Report System

Users have the ability to report listings that they find inappropriate. To prevent abuse of the reporting system, aggregated usage data is analyzed. Users may also voluntarily provide a reason for their report.

Identity Verification

TakeShelter uses Stripe Identity for identity verification. Stripe collects identity document images, facial images, ID numbers, addresses, and information related to the device connecting to its services. This information is shared with us to verify user identities and used by Stripe to improve its services, including fraud detection. Users may opt-in to allow Stripe to use their data to improve its biometric verification technology. For more information on Stripe Identity, please read their privacy policy.


By using TakeShelter, you agree to this privacy policy. We strive to minimize the amount of personal information collected from our users. For inquiries, please contact us at

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy